Variations of "Yet" placement in sentences

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No. English Sentence Translation in Indonesian Placement Position
1 Yet, I haven't finished my homework. Belum, saya belum menyelesaikan PR saya. Initial Placement
2 Are you ready yet to leave? Apakah kamu sudah siap untuk pergi? Mid-sentence Placement
3 The movie hasn't started yet. Filmnya belum mulai. End Placement
4 She hasn't arrived yet. Dia belum tiba. End Placement
5 Have you eaten lunch yet? Apakah kamu sudah makan siang? End Placement
6 I'm not sure yet if I can attend the event. Saya belum yakin apakah saya bisa menghadiri acara tersebut. Mid-sentence Placement
7 The results of the test aren't available yet. Hasil ujian belum tersedia. End Placement
8 We haven't received the package yet. Kami belum menerima paketnya. End Placement
9 He hasn't returned my call yet. Belum ada panggilan balik dari dia. End Placement
10 The decision hasn't been made yet. Keputusan belum dibuat. End Placement
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