Usage of In, On, At in sentences related to place

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 The usage of "in," "on," and "at" in sentences related to place can be a bit tricky, but here are some general guidelines:

English Preposition Explanation Indonesian Translation
I am in the kitchen. in Used to refer to being inside a specific, enclosed area. Saya ada di dapur.
The cat is sleeping in its bed. in Used to indicate being inside or within something. Kucing itu tidur di tempat tidurnya.
He lives in New York City. in Used to mention a city, country, or region as a location of residence. Dia tinggal di Kota New York.
She went on vacation in France. in Used to indicate the destination of a trip or vacation. Dia pergi berlibur di Prancis.
The book is on the table. on Used to indicate physical contact with the surface of an object. Buku itu ada di atas meja.
The keys are on the counter. on Used to show the location of an object in contact with a surface. Kunci-kunci ada di atas meja dapur.
We'll meet on Monday. on Used to refer to a specific day or date. Kita akan bertemu pada hari Senin.
The package is scheduled to arrive on July 25th. on Used to specify the day or date of an event or action. Paket itu dijadwalkan tiba pada tanggal 25 Juli.
I will meet you at the park. at Used to indicate a specific point or location. Saya akan bertemu denganmu di taman.
She works at the hospital. at Used to specify the place where someone works. Dia bekerja di rumah sakit.
The concert will be at the stadium. at Used to indicate the location of an event or gathering. Konser akan diadakan di stadion.
Let's meet at 2 PM. at Used to specify a particular time of day. Ayo bertemu jam 2 siang.

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