Mastering the Usage of 'Can' and 'Could': Examples, Explanations, and Translations

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 "Can" and "could" are both modal verbs used to express ability, permission, or possibility, but they have slightly different meanings and functions.

Examples Explanations Translation (Indonesian)
I can swim. Expressing present ability. Saya bisa berenang.
Can I borrow your pen? Asking for permission. Bolehkah saya meminjam pulpenmu?
It can get quite hot in the summer. Describing a possibility. Sangat mungkin menjadi panas di musim panas.
When I was younger, I could run faster. Referring to past ability. Saat saya lebih muda, saya bisa berlari lebih cepat.
Could I use your phone, please? Polite request for permission. Bisakah saya menggunakan ponselmu, silakan?
If I had more time, I could finish the project. Expressing a hypothetical possibility. Jika saya punya lebih banyak waktu, saya bisa menyelesaikan proyek tersebut.

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