Exploring Synonyms for "Do": Expand Your Vocabulary

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 Are you tired of using the word "do" repeatedly in your writing? Looking for alternative words to enrich your vocabulary and make your content more engaging? In this article, we delve into a variety of synonyms for "do" that can add depth and versatility to your language. Whether you are a writer, student, or professional, expanding your vocabulary is essential for effective communication. Join us as we explore a collection of words that convey similar meanings to "do," along with their translations in Indonesian. By incorporating these synonyms into your writing, you can enhance clarity, precision, and overall impact. Let's embark on a journey of linguistic exploration and discover new ways to express action and achievement!

Synonyms for "Do" and Their Translations in Indonesian
English Translation (Indonesian) Example Sentence (English) Translation (Indonesian)
Perform Melakukan She will perform a beautiful song at the concert. Dia akan melakukan sebuah lagu indah di konser.
Accomplish Mencapai We hope to accomplish our goals by the end of the year. Kami berharap dapat mencapai tujuan kami pada akhir tahun.
Execute Menjalankan The team will execute the project according to the plan. Tim akan menjalankan proyek sesuai dengan rencana.
Carry out Menyelesaikan Please carry out the instructions as stated in the manual. Mohon selesaikan instruksi sesuai yang tercantum dalam buku panduan.
Complete Menyelesaikan He needs to complete the assignment before the deadline. Dia harus menyelesaikan tugas tersebut sebelum batas waktu yang ditentukan.
Achieve Mencapai She worked hard to achieve her dream of becoming a doctor. Dia bekerja keras untuk mencapai impian menjadi seorang dokter.
Fulfill Memenuhi The company strives to fulfill the needs of its customers. Perusahaan berusaha memenuhi kebutuhan pelanggannya.
Undertake Mengambil He will undertake the responsibility of managing the project. Dia akan mengambil tanggung jawab mengelola proyek tersebut.
Effect Mengakibatkan The new policy will effect significant changes in the organization. Keputusan kebijakan baru tersebut akan mengakibatkan perubahan penting dalam organisasi.
Implement Melaksanakan They are planning to implement a new system for better efficiency. Mereka berencana untuk melaksanakan sistem baru guna meningkatkan efisiensi.
Act Bertindak You need to act quickly to resolve the issue. Anda perlu bertindak cepat untuk menyelesaikan masalah ini.
Engage in Mengikuti She likes to engage in various outdoor activities like hiking and cycling. Dia suka mengikuti berbagai kegiatan di luar ruangan seperti mendaki dan bersepeda.
Conduct Melakukan The teacher will conduct an experiment to demonstrate the scientific concept. Guru akan melakukan sebuah eksperimen untuk mengilustrasikan konsep ilmiah tersebut.
Pursue Mengejar He decided to pursue a career in music after finishing college. Dia memutuskan untuk mengejar karir di bidang musik setelah menyelesaikan kuliah.
Realize Menyadari She finally realized her true potential and started her own business. Di akhirnya, dia menyadari potensi sejatinya dan memulai bisnis sendiri.

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