Exploring the '-some' Suffix: English Words and their Indonesian Translations

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The suffix "-some" is used in English to create adjectives that indicate the presence or quality of something in a particular way. It is derived from the Old English word "sama," which means "characterized by" or "tending to." When we add "-some" to certain words, it can change their meaning to convey specific qualities or characteristics.
English Word Explanation Example Sentence (English) Example Sentence (Indonesian Translation)
Tiresome Tiring or causing fatigue Working on this project all day is tiresome. Mengerjakan proyek ini sepanjang hari membuat lelah.
Gluesome Sticky or adhesive That gluesome substance sticks to almost anything. Bahan yang lengket itu menempel pada hampir segala sesuatu.
Troublesome Causing trouble or difficulty The troublesome weather delayed our flight. Cuaca yang merepotkan menunda penerbangan kami.
Fearsome Inspiring fear or being frightening The fearsome dragon guarded the treasure. Naga yang menakutkan menjaga harta karun itu.
Handsome Pleasing in appearance or good-looking He is a handsome young man with a charming smile. Dia adalah seorang pemuda tampan dengan senyuman yang menawan.
Lonesome Feeling lonely or solitary After the party, she felt lonesome and missed her friends. Setelah pesta, dia merasa sepi dan merindukan teman-temannya.
As you can see, the use of "-some" adds a descriptive element to the base word, allowing us to describe things more precisely and vividly. It is important to note that not all words ending in "-some" will have a specific meaning; some are simply words that have developed over time and become part of the language's vocabulary.

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